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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Popsicle-Shaped Thing That is Not a Popsicle

Pink Popsicle Vibrator
All Photos By Gail

Yeah, you know what it is. This Pink Popsicle-Shaped Vibrator takes the words ‘Adult Novelty’ to a new level! Geoffrey and I spotted this fun thing in the Gift Shop when we visited the Museum of Sex recently. I didn’t check the price, but it looked like one of the more straightforward toys on the shelf, in that I don’t think I would need a set of instructions to figure out how to use it, which is advantageous.

Pink Popsicle Vibrator with Others

Here it is on the shelf alongside some of its friends! It’s just like being in an electronics store, trying to figure out what all the little gadgets do.

Pink Popsicle Vibrator with Others

And don’t those little round things above just look like exotic ear buds, or some type of space-age Bluetooth? I ask yez…

Yes, It Exists: Amazon River Dolphin Blowhole Sex

Amazon River Dolphin Blowhole Sex
All Photos By Gail

NYC’s very-fun-to-visit Museum of Sex has an entire gallery dedicated to a exhibit entitled The Sex Lives of Animals. It is, to say the least, quite enlightening. Aside from an informative kiosk on “Homosexual Necrophilia in Mallard Ducks” (I can’t believe I just typed that), one of the more bizarre exhibits represents an activity that Amazon River Dolphins apparently find time to enjoy, which is banging another Dolphin’s blowhole. You can’t make this stuff up. Let’s take a closer look.

Amazon River Dolphin Blowhole Sex

Oh look, here they are swimming gracefully along side each other when suddenly . . .

Amazon River Dolphin Blowhole Sex

The peen quite clearly goes into the blowhole! Convenient!

See it up close for yourself at the Museum of Sex, located at 233 Fifth Avenue, Corner of 27th Street, New York, NY 10016.

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Stop The Spread T-Shirt

Stop the Spread T Shirt
Photo By Gail

The Gift Shop at the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue and 27th Street sells these T-Shirts for $25.00. Buy one today and help Stop the Spread. Because all Manspreaders Must Be Stopped.

F-Word Snow Globe

Fuck Snow Globe
Photo By Gail

When only word can truly express your true feelings, pick up (and shake) the F-Word Snow Globe, designed by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese! Available in the gift shop at the New Museum of Contemporary Art on Bowery. And there’s even a member discount!

Fuck Snow Globes

UPDATE, July 13th, 2015: I found these in the Gift Shop at the Museum of Sex. Didn’t get the price. But they look to be of a comparable quality!

Randy Polumbo’s Love Stream at Steven Kasher Gallery

Love Stream Photo from Kasher Website
Photo Above Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery. All Other Photos by Gail.

Randy Polumbo’s Love Stream installation was a last minute addition to this week’s art crawl thanks exclusively to an enticing blurb in the weekend edition of Daily Candy. So, props to Daily Candy for turning us on to a thoroughly squeal-inducing exhibit! Seriously you’ve gotta check this one out!

Love Stream Trailer Exterior By Randy Polumbo

Love Stream Rear Exterior Shot

In Polumbo’s most ambitious and monumental work to date, the artist has transformed a vintage Airstream aluminum trailer into a stimulating experiential wonderland that is both part amusement park attraction and part Freudian intervention.

Love Stream Featuring Gail By Randy Polumbo

It’s Me! In the Love Stream!

Surprisingly, there was not much of a wait to explore the interior of the Love Stream, decked out as it is like Warhol’s Factory in silver upholstered cushions! We want to live in it!

Love Stream Wall Flower Fixture By Randy Polumbo

Also part of the exhibit are a series of hand-blown crystal Udder formations (we do not have any photos of those, but they are pretty cool) and techno-organic Wallflowers of glass and aluminum that are illuminated with LEDs to create a bioluminescent frenzy on the gallery walls. Bioluminescence!

Love Stream Standing Flower Fixture By Randy Polumbo

Polumbo combines glass and innovative lighting to create environments that speak to our world of pleasure and sensuality. He invites viewers to immerse themselves in an exotic and lurid Garden of Eden blooming with voluptuous hand-blown glass flora sprouting from every surface. As subtly hinted at by the detail on this  sculpture, seen below, Polumbo has previously created art with repurposed sex toys, and his work is also on exhibit at NYC’s Museum Of Sex. We recommend a visit there as well.

Love Stream Fixture Close Up By Randy Polumbo

Randy Polumbo’s Love Stream will be on Exhibit Through September 29th, 2012, so don’t delay in planning your visit! Steven Kasher Gallery is Located at 521 West 23rd Street, Street Level, New York, NY 10011. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Love Stream By Randy Polumbo Sign

Love Stream Interior 2 By Randy Polumbo

Gail and Geoffrey’s Rad Adventure at the Museum of Sex!

Museum of Sex FOB
Photos By Geoffrey Dicker

Last Saturday the CMJ convention was just getting started, in full swing, or just winding up, depending on how desperate you are to appear hip and in-the-know. And while everyone in the city was running around in the rain, laden down with bags of tacky swag, trying to cram in as many crowded shows by over-hyped, crappy indie rock bands as possible, Geoffrey and I were learning about the sexuality of all living things at New York City’s most underrated tourist attraction, the Museum of Sex. So I ask you, who do you think had the better time? I think Geoffrey and I did. And if we got wet, it was not because of the rain.

On this particular afternoon, The Museum of Sex was actually totally packed with visitors, and from what I overheard of various lively conversations, those who came left satisfied. There are two floors and three main exhibit halls in this tiny but densely decorated museum. The first floor is dedicated to the sexuality of animals of all kinds including mammals, birds, invertebrates and insects. My favorite part of the animals’ exhibit was the picture of two nudibranchs totally doing it. Go little nudibranchs, go!

Nudibranch Sex

The second floor hosts two large galleries: one dedicated to sex machines, gender identification/ transgenderism, hilarious pamphlets on the history of sex education, sexually themed cartoons and films, sex dolls, sex toys, bondage gear and sexually-inspired functional design. Wow, it was quite an eyeful. There’s also a new exhibit featuring a rather exhaustive collection of fine art photographs of all of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest stars. I enjoyed this exhibit of photographs very much, as it made these actors and actresses seem human and not just like a bunch of freaks. It took us about 90 minutes to see everything in the museum and that includes a very thorough visit. We had fun!

The Museum of Sex is located 233 5th Ave, Corner of 27th Street, in Manhattan. Admission is $15 but you can get a significant discount by purchasing your tickets through Gold Star Events Dot Com.