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Pink Thing of The Day: Abandoned Fancy Pink Shoe

pink satin shoe photo by gail worley
All photos by Gail

People discard the most amazing stuff that, in any other lifetime, I might seriously consider picking up and taking home with me, if it weren’t for the Covid. I’m not sure if the Covid could live on a pair of Fancy Hot Pink Satin Pumps (with a rhinestone embellishment, no less) but I am not taking any chances. Continue reading Pink Thing of The Day: Abandoned Fancy Pink Shoe

Comic Con Pumps!

Comic Heel2
Shoe Images Courtesy of Styleite

Comic Con 2013 is going on this weekend at Jacob Javitts Center and everyone is getting in on the action, including designers of high fashion footwear! I found these shoes over at Styleite and figured you would enjoy seeing them here as well. If you’re at Comic Con and see anyone wearing shoes like this, please send your pics this way!

Comic Heel1

Yes, It Exists: Star Wars Peep-Toe Pumps

If I were able to wear high heels like these without breaking an ankle, and I cared at all for Star Wars, I would wear these shoes.

Thanks to Great White Snark For the Tip!

Kick Some Ass in These Skull & Crossbones Pumps!

These shoes may be more in style for the fall, but at this point that’s just a few weeks away. The seasonal change will likely have arrived by the time you can get your very own pair of these very rad Skull & Crossbones Pumps delivered to your doorstep. They’re on sale for just $23.02 (includes all kinds of discounts and free shipping) over at Endless Dot Com. What a Bargain!

Stomp Out The Undead With These Zombie High Heeled Shoes!

Even if it would be nearly impossible to run from Zombies while wearing them, these Shoes are truly awesome! Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!