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Happy Pride Month, NYC!

Have Some Pride By Royce Bannon
Photos By Gail

NYC has really gone all out for Pride Month and it is so great to see everybody getting into the spirit of love and unity.  With so much inspiring signage and art work popping up everywhere you look, it’s challenging to document even a small fraction of it, but I was walking home from brunch this past Saturday and passed by this storefront mural by Royce Bannon (AKA @Roycer_700), which currently resides on Avenue A near East 3rd Street. It appears to have gone up in the past few weeks specifically in honor of Pride Month and will like stay up as long as it can.

Have Some Pride By Royce Bannon

The Rainbow “Monsters” are Bannon’s signature characters, which he incorporates into much of his public artwork.

Royce Bannon Pride Mural

Happy Pride, Everyone!

You & Me Group Exhibition at Low Brow Artique

You and Me Exhibit Announcement
All Photos By Gail

Low Brow Artique is clean and bright storefront Paint and Art Supply retail outlet in Bushwick Brooklyn that also hosts a small gallery space. We visited Low Brow for the first this past Saturday for the opening reception of  You & Me, a group art exhibit which presents collaborative works created from the combined stylistic elements of two popular street / graffiti artists.

Sofia Maldonado and Veng
Sofia Maldonado and Veng, First Collabo

Inspired by the stylistic changes that occur when two artists create work together, You & Me brings together duos that can naturally be seen in the streets of New York as well as a few who have come together specifically for the show. By coming together to create one piece, the artists also provide a unique experience to those who take notice of their work in the streets.

Featured artist pairings are:
Cash4 & Smells, Chris & Veng (RWK), EKG & Dark Clouds, Matt Siren & Fenix, OCMC & This Is Awkward, Royce Bannon & Russell King, and Veng & Sofia Maldonado

Cash For & Smells Summer
Cash4 & Smells Summer

My favorite pieces in the show were the two large wood mounted pieces by Cash4 & Smells, the Chris (RWK) & Veng piece and the Royce Bannon & Russell King pieces – though I have seen Russell King’s street sign paintings all over the streets and in private collections and I did not personally think his work was enhanced by this collaboration. I prefer my Russell King unadorned, I guess.

Royce Bannon Russell King
Royce Bannon & Russell King, Street Signs A, B, C, D

Chris & Veng RWK Fictional Stare
Chris RWK & Veng  A Fictional Stare

As an insight to where Low Brow is coming from with this exhibit, they offer these thoughts on the collaborations between Cash4 and Smells.

“While the direct influence the two artists have on one another may not be as apparent as it is with others in the show, it is the cohesive vision that Cash4 and Smells display that makes them memorable. In addition to this vision, their roller tags can be seen from most above ground trains while their stickers, tags, and characters permeate every space within reach of the ground. With their carefully designed fonts and strong presence, Cash4 and Smells are a definitive partnership in New York City.’

You & Me will be on exhibit until September 1st, 2012 at Low Brow Artique, located at  143 Central Ave (Corner of Willoughby) in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY. Phone 718-366-8181 for hours, train directions and more information.

Front Window of Low Brow Artique with Spray Cans