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Pink Thing of the Day: Cotton Candy Storm


Photograph by Daniela Edburg

Pink Thing of the Day: Octo-Mom as Collectible Art!

Pink Thing of the Day is one of my very favorite things to blog about, and I usually dedicate it to something pink that I would actually want to own. This particular item? Not so much. I like to keep celebrity gossip out of The Gig and leave it to be done better by Best Week Ever and Gawker, and I truly find Nadya Suleman to be a completely loathsome and repulsive human being not deserving of any attention in a fun and awesome blog like this one. But hey, this shit is pink! So here we go.

Always on the cutting edge of the latest controversial-topical-media-hype-overload, sculptor Daniel Edwards presents his latest work of art. Cast in eye-catching hot pink, “String of Babies” depicts Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman with tentacles in place of her body, appropriately holding a string of 8 babies and a baby bottle. The rubber collectible, depicting Octo-Mom embracing the world’s only surviving set of octuplets, fits into the pattern of Edward’s works “which take controversial media topics and present them in the form of art in a playful way” (Edwards’ previous works include Pregnant Britney Spears Giving Birth and Dead Paris Hilton).

Measuring 9 inches tall by 12 inches in diameter and made of flexible polyurethane material, “String of Babies” is a limited edition of just 200 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist. The first 50 are available for the must-own bargain price of just $199! Once those sell, the price skyrockets to $500. So, get them while they’re hot, as the saying goes. More pictures and exclusive purchasing information are right over here at Guy Hepner Editions’ website, Trend Hunter Dot Com.