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This American Life: Another Kind of Reality

Ira Glass Hosts the Best Show on TV: This American Life

I take lot of heat for being such a shameless, diehard fan of reality TV shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol and all those embarrassingly addictive programs on Bravo such as Project Runway, Top Chef and Top Design. Clothes, food, home décor: It’s like there is a reality show specifically geared to feed each of my secret obsessions! Hurray for digital cable!

I guess it follows then that I also love to watch a good documentary and often prefer that genre of film to the garden variety comedy or action/thriller. I recently joined Netlflix and you’ll find my queue is loaded with documentary selections like The Nomi Song — which was just awesome — and this cool movie about the guy who invented the Theramin and ended up getting kidnapped by the KGB. That’s a more convoluted and compelling storyline than any fiction plot you could dream up! So I was particularly thrilled out of my mind to discover that the radio show, This American Life has been translated for television.
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