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Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Fish-Shaped Coffin

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I’m a huge fan of The Amazing Race, because I enjoy watching teams of two people have mental/emotional breakdowns while racing for one million dollars on almost no sleep through countries where they don’t speak the language and can’t stomach the food. International travel! In the current season, you might recall that while the teams were in Ghana, they faced a challenge that involved carrying an elaborately hand-carved coffin through the city streets to a specific destination. The Pink Fish-shaped Coffin above is a perfect example of how clever and fancy the craftsmanship on these coffins can get. Sort of takes the phrase “sleep with the fishes” to a whole new level!

This American Life: Another Kind of Reality

Ira Glass Hosts the Best Show on TV: This American Life

I take lot of heat for being such a shameless, diehard fan of reality TV shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol and all those embarrassingly addictive programs on Bravo such as Project Runway, Top Chef and Top Design. Clothes, food, home décor: It’s like there is a reality show specifically geared to feed each of my secret obsessions! Hurray for digital cable!

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The Tribe Has Spoken! Survivor Guatemala Comes to an End

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, Tolerate Being Eaten Alive By Mosquitos!

Another season of Survivor has come to an end and I’ll be sad until the new season starts in the spring, because frankly, Survivor is the shit. My favorite castaway to win the million dollars and title of Sole Survivor was openly gay Mormon good guy, Rafe Judkins. Rafe managed to strategize and sweet talk his way into the final four in an almost perfect combination of staying in integrity and voting out the people I just couldn’t stand anymore. Go Rafe!
I Heart Rafe

Sadly, Rafe was outwitted, outplayed and outlasted by sports announcer-jock-model Dani Boatwrigtht, a dark horse favorite to be sure. Dani easily won the million bucks by choosing to take Stephenie LaGrossa (from last season’s Survivor Palau) with her to the final two. Steph had become the sort of Rock Star of this go-round due to her ridiculous good looks, physical strength and underdog status from last season. The thing is, nobody wanted Stephenie to win because she’d already had a chance and blown it. So Dani won the million bucks by a landslide, and I’m okay with that, because she played a good game. I still think we’ll be seeing Rafe in possibly an upcoming season of The Amazing Race or as a talk show host on the Logo network, or something. Rafe is definitely one of my favorite Survivors, ever.
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Survivors ask, “Will we be able to eat the car?”
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