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Best New TV Show In The Universe: Flight of The Conchords!

“You’re so beautiful…you could be a part-time model…”

Are you watching HBO’s hilarious new show, Flight of The Conchords? Oh my god, it is so awesome. I watch it every Sunday after Entourage and then when Tracy comes over on Monday nights to watch, Big Love with me, she makes sure to arrive at The Chickpad half an hour early so we can watch Flight of The Conchords again together. Then we talk about it and sing the songs to each other all week.

Watch a clip of the guys performing “Bowie Song” from their regular club routine after the jump!
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“Come Back Alanis, All is Forgiven!”

You know that fucking retarded “My Humps” song by the atrocious, self-wetting, non-singer Fergie? How can you even miss it: that shit is everywhere. Well, watch this genius video send-up by my formerly least-favorite-female-artist-in- the-universe-turned-new-goddess, Alanis Morrisette. Genius! Alanis, I apologize for once writing in a review that “You Oughtta Know” is the contentious wail of a woman scorned that would have anyone rooting for the man who dumped her.” That was harsh, and I’m sorry, because you fucking rule!

Teenage Mutant Hardcore Turtles

Thanks to Vincent Cecolini and Liz Ciavarella of Metal Maniacs for the link!