RIP Hilly Krystal

Hilly Krystal

RIP Hilly Kristal

Former owner and founder of now-defunct pioneering rock club CBGB, Hilly Krystal, died yesterday, August 28th, 2007, of lung cancer. He was 75 years old.

Second Scariest Toilet In Rock

I will always remember CBGB for its super scary toilets (pictured above: the Men’s Room)! At least they were not as “Trainspotting-esque” as those at The Continental!

2 thoughts on “RIP Hilly Krystal”

  1. Bummer- what a nice guy he was to us back in ’93, a snotty bunch of wide-eyed no ones how where just overwhelmed buy it all. A loss, to be sure…

  2. Wow…I thought he’d make it out to 100 at least! What a cool guy! Now PUNK is REALLY DEAD!

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