What I had for Breakfast Today and Why I am Still Talking About It

Delicious Goodness

Waffle of the Gods

This morning I was a bit behind schedule getting out of the house – because I enjoy being asleep, and mornings bite the big one sideways. In my haste to slam the front door as loud and hard as I possibly could behind me, I not only forgot to grab my Netflick on the way out, but I also spaced on bringing my Tupperware full of tasty breakfast cereal with me. Needless to say, but you can see I am about to, I arrived at the office in need of procuring breakfast.

In our company cafeteria, which is possibly the most amazing corporate cafeteria on the planet Earth, we have something called the “Make Your Own Waffle” station. Today I decided I would indulge my desire to be a total hedonist and make a waffle for myself. One of the really fun things about the “Make Your Own Waffle” station is that you really do get to make the waffle yourself. You get a little cup of batter which you pour onto the hot waffle iron and then, for those of you who take waffle making seriously, you can even put chocolate chips in the batter before you close the griddle to steam and grill your waffle to golden brown perfection. Fun!

Once the waffle is done cooking you can tart it up all fancy with syrup, fresh strawberries and whipped cream and stuff. I put everything on mine, because this is make your own fucking waffle, man! The cost for all this deliciousness was only $3.95! What a gosh darn bargain! My waffle was just so delicious that I was still sighing heavily with satisfaction and patting my slightly distended belly several hours after I had licked the last morsel of sweetness from my lips. Life is good, and I now have a story about making my own waffle that I will be telling for the rest of my life.

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