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Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Pineapple

Belgian Boys Pink Pineapple
Photos By Gail

Each year at the Summer Fancy Food Show, I enjoy tasting hundreds of delicious new specialty foods and meeting new friends, but I especially love to return from the show with camera full of crazy photos of the fun and creative displays and props that exhibitors use to attract show-goers to their booths — because the competition is fierce! Most years, Belgian Boys Bakery puts together a visually engaging and whimsically-themed display that does justice to the company’s line of scrumptious desserts. This year, that theme was all about Pink Things, as you can see here by this Hot Pink Plastic Pineapple resting on a tony pink sand beach. Yummy! Stay tuned for more photos of the pink things spotted in the Belgian Boys’ booth once I get my Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 photo recap online, later this month!

Belgian Boys Bakery Booth Display

Brunch Hot Spot: Upstairs at the Kimberly!

All Photos By Anne Raso

Ah, weekend Brunch in NYC. It’s a continuously evolving hot topic that keeps all of the Yelp reviewers on their toes! We love the funky East Village brunch scene, but sometimes we like to put on our fancy shoes and check out what’s going on a little further uptown. This past summer, we enjoyed a magical rooftop evening of unique and hearty appetizers, tall cool cocktails and stunning city views at the Penthouse level restaurant, Upstairs at the top of the Kimberly Hotel. As luck would have it, we heard that they also host a killer Brunch. Continue reading Brunch Hot Spot: Upstairs at the Kimberly!

What I had for Breakfast Today and Why I am Still Talking About It

Delicious Goodness

Waffle of the Gods

This morning I was a bit behind schedule getting out of the house – because I enjoy being asleep, and mornings bite the big one sideways. In my haste to slam the front door as loud and hard as I possibly could behind me, I not only forgot to grab my Netflick on the way out, but I also spaced on bringing my Tupperware full of tasty breakfast cereal with me. Needless to say, but you can see I am about to, I arrived at the office in need of procuring breakfast. Continue reading What I had for Breakfast Today and Why I am Still Talking About It