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Enjoy Life Introduces Four Delicious New Varieties of Chewy Baked Snack Bars!

Enjoy Life New Bars
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You may recall reading about Enjoy Life brand Soft Baked Snack Bars previously here on The Gig, so you know they are not only 100% delicious but also 100% Allergen and Gluten Free! Enjoy Life recently sent me  a shipment of four of their newest snack bar flavors and I have had time to sample each one. Each box contains five individually wrapped bars, so you can take them on the go or just be assured that they will be fresh when you reach for one to snack on.

The Sunbutter Crunch flavor is made with sunflower seed butter for a mild, nutty taste and that’s not overly sweet. The crunch comes from crisped rice, which is a favorite ingredient at Enjoy Life. Chocolate lovers will flip over the triple chocolatey-ness of the Cocoa Loco variety: a chocolate baked bar loaded with chocolate chips and enrobed with a chocolate coating.  Decadent! If you love apple pie or other baked goods made with fresh apples then you’ll be a fan of the Caramel Apple variety, which is surprisingly moist!  Also new is the Mixed Berry Baked Chewy Bar, studded with lots of dried strawberries and cranberries for pleasantly tart-sweetness. Surely there is a flavor here to satisfy every snack craving.

These bars are especially yummy because they really do stay moist and always taste fresh baked. Find out where to go in your neighborhood to buy Soft Baked Bars and other fine Enjoy Life products by visiting This Link!

What I had for Breakfast Today and Why I am Still Talking About It

Delicious Goodness

Waffle of the Gods

This morning I was a bit behind schedule getting out of the house – because I enjoy being asleep, and mornings bite the big one sideways. In my haste to slam the front door as loud and hard as I possibly could behind me, I not only forgot to grab my Netflick on the way out, but I also spaced on bringing my Tupperware full of tasty breakfast cereal with me. Needless to say, but you can see I am about to, I arrived at the office in need of procuring breakfast. Continue reading What I had for Breakfast Today and Why I am Still Talking About It