Making Plans for “Nigel”: Devo Sues McDonalds Over Happy Meal Toy

Mark and Nigel

Devo Frontman and Gazillionare Composer Mark Mothersbaugh, with a Toy That Looks Like Him

New Wave pioneers Devo are suing McDonalds over a Happy Meal doll that sports the band’s signature red flower pot hat!

In April, McDonald’s introduced a series of American Idol Happy Meal toys based on a range of music styles, including Disco Dave, Country Clay, Rockin’ Riley and Soulful Selma. Devo’s complaint is that the toy, “New Wave Nigel” is based on the band’s image and that the doll plays a Devo-esque song.

I’m a big fan of McDonalds’ delicious food and everything, but copyright infringement is a crime, so I say good for DEVO! Sue the pants off McDonald’s and grab me one of those cute little dolls while you’re at it. Because they’re going to be selling for big bucks on eBay any second now.