Worleygig.com Announces: The Comment Contest!

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Attention fans and fiends, from today through the final day of March 2012, Worleygig.com will be having a contest where you can win fabulous prizes. To participate in the contest and be entered to win said fabulous prizes, all you have to do is leave a fun comment on any post you read on The Gig. Each comment counts as an entry and you can enter/comment as many times as you like! Fun! Here are the official rules:

1. Comments must be at least one sentence long (Single word comments such as “Nice!” will not qualify as an entry).
2. Only one qualifying comment per post, per commenter, will count as an entry.
3. Comments must be relevant to the post.
4. You must register as a commenter with a valid email address so that you can be contacted in the event that you win.
5. Winner will be chosen at random from qualified entries received.
6. Only Comments posted to the Actual Blog Page (Not FaceBook Fan Page) will count as an entry.

Prizes — your choice of one of the two T Shirts seen here — will be provided by The Neatoshop! Become my Fan on FaceBook for contest updates and to never miss your opportunity to comment and win! Ready? Go!

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6 thoughts on “Worleygig.com Announces: The Comment Contest!”

  1. If I might comment on this contest, I think this is a fabulous idea! And I think perhaps we should also add as a prize an “Iggy Thing of the Day.” A day without Iggy is like, well, hmmm, I guess it’s a pretty quiet day…

  2. There are several reasons for procrastination. Laziness and sloth are the last on the list. Rarely are lazy people procrastinators; indeed: lazy people do not wish to work at all. Procrastinators combine perfectionism and self-terrorism. Perfectionist-procrastinators can’t even start the work because there are too many steps and each one of them has to be mastered. It’s never good enough and that sonofabitch is out there who will point out whatever you missed. Self-terrorists have a paralyzing fear of getting to work because the task itself is painful beyond human understanding. It is now the day I have set aside to do my taxes. Every year they have come out quite in my favor. It’s just a matter of getting to to it, but this could be the year for disaster. It’s this way every year. SOUNDTRACK: http://youtu.be/xIpGg8-NZh0.

  3. Jim, if you sneezed out a nose full of nickles, would all kinds of bells and whistles go off like at the casino when people hit the jackpot???

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