Cactus Balloon

Cactus Ballon
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Cactus Balloon by Surrealist Sculptor Nancy Fouts. Check out a selection of her other astounding images at Nancy Fouts Dot Com.

4 thoughts on “Cactus Balloon”

  1. Art…I just don’t get it? Hey! If I were to put that saying on a piece of junk and hang it on a wall it would be Art! What a brilliant idea! 😎

    1. Jim! Thank you for your comments. Andy Warhol himself once famously said, “Art is what you can get away with.” So…there you go! Cheers — G

  2. That’s really cool.

    I am imagining that you could give these out at birthday parties where you passively aggressively want to imply the person is a prick!


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