Product Review: Kettle Brand Cheddar Beer Chips!

Kettle Chips 30 Years Limited Batches

Debuting on store shelves just a few days ago, Kettle Brand Chips has re-launched four of their retired flavors for a limited time to celebrate the company’s 30 years of making kettle-cooked potato chips. Christened as the Limited Batch Birthday Collection, the flavors include Red Chili, Jalapeno Jack, Salsa with Mesquite and Cheddar Beer – a bag of which I just polished off last night. If you like spicy foods and flavored chips, this collection of crispy, crunchy snacks is going to be your thing.

Kettle was kind enough to ship me a bag of each of the four returning flavors and I can report that the Cheddar Beer variety (first introduced as a fan pick in 2005 ) – while light on the promised malty beer flavor – is a Cheese lover’s delight. These sturdy chips explode with the taste tangy sharp cheddar cheese and pair perfectly paired with a juicy Burger. Kettle’s Red Chili chips first appeared in 1982, offering the flavor of Sriracha sauce combined with a vinegar tang and Cayenne pepper for extra heat.

Jalapeño Jack took the stage in 1989 and brings a Jack cheese base mixed with the spice of red and green peppers and a strong jalapeño flavor. Salsa with Mesquite appeared in 1999 and features tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic and lime. These chips are the perfect addition to any summer picnic, BBQ or buffet, though I have no problem eating them right out of the bag accompanied by a frosty beer or margarita!

The Limited Batch Birthday Collection launched in August 2012 and will be available for about a year before they disappear from shelves next summer. The four flavors come in 5-ounce bags retailing for $2.79 and are available at Whole Foods and other markets as well as online at BuyKettleChips.Com.
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