Omar Chacon’s Bacanales Tropicales at Margaret Thatcher Projects

Margaret Thatcher Projects Front of Gallery Door
All Photos By Gail

Wow, what treat it was to be able to attend this past Thursday’s opening reception for Colombian-born, NYC-based artist Omar Chacon, who has returned to Margaret Thatcher Projects for his second solo show at the gallery in two years!

Bacanal Eusagasuga By Omar Chacon
Bacanal Eusagasuga By Omar Chacon

Bacanales Tropicales collects new paintings in Chacon’s signature and instantly recognizable style, where droplets of color-saturated paint create layer upon layer of concentric circles and ovals of various sizes, shapes and endlessly variable color combinations.

Bacanal Detail by Omar Chacon

For the work in the above photo, Chacon purposefully shows the detail of the many, many layers of paint that make up each canvas.

Bacanal Siachoque Guero by Omar Chacon
Bacanal Siachoque Guero

It’s amazing how diverse the works are, considering each is created via the same method, but it seems that each new canvas you come upon is even more eye-popping than the previous.

Bacanal Guacari By Omar Chacon
Bacanal Guacari

Chacon’s unique style has made him one of my favorite contemporary artists, so it was also really nice to be able to meet him at Thursday’s opening. Omar is super cool: certainly one of the friendliest and, to use Geoffrey’s term, “Sauciest” Art personalities I’ve met. What a pleasure to know that such a talented artist is also so appreciative of his fans! Bacanales Tropicales is my favorite exhibit currently showing, so please make a trip over to Margaret Thatcher Projects to check out the the visually dazzling work of Omar Chacon while the show is still up!

Bacanal Icononzo By Omar Chacon
Bacanal Icononzo

Bacanales Tropicales by Omar Chacon will be on Exhibit at Margaret Thatcher Projects, Located at 539 West 23rd Street, Ground Floor, New York City through October 20, 2012. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and by appointment.

Bacanales Tropicales
Bacanal Manata

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