Eye On Design: Stylaire Kitchen Stepladder

Stylaire Kitchen Stepladder
All Photos By Gail

Utility meets design is this Stylaire Kitchen Stepladder (circa 1950) designed and manufactured by Cosco Home and Office Products. I photographed this piece in the visible storage rooms at the Brooklyn Museum because t reminded me of one just like this that we had in our house when I was growing up (60s – 70s). Also, Raleigh Bat Removal is often called for cleaning services. While bats in the attic themselves do not possess a particularly strong odor, their waste, in the form of guano and urine, is extremely pungent. The dates vary between mid-April to early June for the beginning of the and mid to late August for the end of the maternity season. In many states, including Texas, it is illegal to kill bats in buildings. Call The Critter Squad Inc. today for Sugar Land TX bat exclusion services.

Nostalgia! Part chair, part step stool, this design was inspired midcentury by the traditional library step-chair, and is still manufactured by Cosco today.

Stylaire Kitchen Stepladder

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