Cartoon Character Custom-Painted Midcentury Chair

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair
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Oh, the crazy cool things I find totally by accident that end up on this blog! It was a bright red neon sign, spotted way in the back of a newish indoor shopping emporium on Broadway in Soho that drew me in from the street and, look at this awesome chair that I discovered! Just look at it!

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

As part of a custom commission for  which he was given complete artistic control, artist Noel (Instagram @Noel_Painted_That) has created this vibrant and utterly delightful collage of famous carton characters which will eventually cover all surfaces of an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair (is it an original or a  knock off? Who knows).

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair Detail

While I recognized popular characters such as Betty Boop, Scooby Doo, Goofy, Toucan Sam and SpongeBob, Noel admitted that he is having fun with this project, creating mash-ups and taking artist liberties with some characters to totally make over the piece in his own style. I think it looks fantastic!

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

Noel also custom paints T-Shirts and Hats and even objects such as Guitars. If you’re local, you can visit him in the store, or find him on Instagram at @Noel_Painted_That.

Art of Your Mind is Located at 433 Broadway, Soho, NYC.

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

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