Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Baby Doll Faces in the Chelsea Gallery District

Pink Baby Doll Face
All Photos By Gail

I first started noticing the mysterious Pink Baby Doll Faces as they popped up here and there in my Instagram feed. When I realized there were quite a few scattered all over what is obviously NYC’s Chelsea Gallery District — because of course they are — Geoffrey and I went out on an Urban Art Safari.

Pink Baby Doll Face
11th Avenue and 25th Street

A little bit of Googling revealed to me that the Pink Baby Doll Faces started showing up in Denver back in Spring of 2016. I couldn’t find any information on the artist. The origin of the Baby Doll Faces is truly a mystery!

Pink Baby Doll Face
20th Street Between 10th and 11th Avenues

They are fun to spot. Go exploring with friend and turn it into a game!

2 Pink Baby Doll Faces

There are a few different faces, which appear to be made of cast Plaster of Paris and then painted pink (or sometimes violet). Some have hair and others do not.

1 Pink Baby Doll Face
10th Avenue at 22nd Street

2 Pink Baby Doll Faces
22nd Street Between 10th and 11th Avenues

I will add more to this post as I find them! Enjoy the hunt!


2 thoughts on “Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Baby Doll Faces in the Chelsea Gallery District

  1. Pink Doll Face Hunt,
    Hello . The artist must of just left Los Angeles Ca . I live here on my way to work driving in the freeway 110s merging to 101N Hollywood I saw 3 pink doll faces about a week 1/2 ago . I tried to remove it the next day by hand and was stuck good in the center divider pylon by the way I’m pulled over with the look like if something is wrong with my car ! Lol story gets better!!!yesterday 3 more popped up on the sign behind it which is mostly blocked by shrug.I’m driving now with a hammer and spakle after work popped all 6 off at 11:45pm Park yes in the shoulder lane with my hazards on below and around seem to be a lot of homeless tents down below the shrub and are the proud owner of them . Some say they are for the baby’s and kids that died in Syria some 6yrs ahi some say it’s a Plan Parenthood thing? I don’t know ? But there super creepy and kinda of cool too! Unique to say the least . I have six of the all pink with puddy substance still on the back . I’m gonna put them on a piece with that freeway in the back? But yeah there cool!!! Respect !
    And please keep responds peaceful ! PS -You would of popped them off too!!!!!

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