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Matthew Dutton’s Midnight Paracosm at Stephen Romano Gallery

Midnight Paracosm
All Photos and Videos By Gail

A Paracosm is a detailed imaginary world created inside one’s mind. Such a fantasy world may involve humans, animals and things that exist in reality, or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien and otherworldly. Commonly having its own geography, history and languages, the experience of such a parascosm is often developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time: months or even years.

Paracosm Mantel

Paracosms are also made reference to as types of childhood creativity and problem-solving. Some believe that paracosm play indicates high intelligence. In his installation entitled Midnight Paracosm, Tennessee-based artist Matthew Dutton is creating his own world of creative play. And if you are already familiar with Dutton’s delightfully disturbing found object sculptures, you will understand that this tableau represents exactly what is going on in his mind most of the time.

Santa Deer

Taxidermy Deer with Santa Mask and Wig/Beard

Hula Baby in Birdcage

My Absolute Favorite: Hula Baby in a Birdcage with Blonde Fall

To me, Midnight Paracosm looks like a Living Room on Christmas Morning in a Midcentury Nightmare. Let’s go to the Video!

As you can see, there are four animatronic creatures inside the Midnight Paracosm, three of which emit audible voice recordings that sound like that of small girl child. I asked Matthew about those voices and he told me that the recordings are all from conversations with his two (“almost three”) year old son. So adorable, and yet very creepy!

Gnome Head
Gnome Head

Look, more videos!

How fast would you lose your mind if you saw this Mutant Porcupine Baby crawling up the wall? Scary!

And do you even want to know what’s under the blanket on the couch? I prefer to let my imagination run wild!

Mickey Mouse Heads

Thank god this one didn’t move or speak.


Matthew Dutton’s Midnight Paracosm isn’t quite as much fun as going to Disneyland while on Acid, but it’s a lot cheaper.

Midnight Paracosm by Matthew Dutton runs concurrently with Saint Bowie at the Stephen Romano Gallery, Located on the Southeast Corner of Harrison Place and Porter in Bushwick Brooklyn. Take the L Train to the Morgan Exit and Walk a few Blocks East on Harrison to Porter Avenue. There’s a Vietnamese Restaurant Across the Street. Please go there and let me know if the Food is any good.

Midnight Paracosm Signage

Porcupine Baby

Byung-Kyu Do, Childhood Memories at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Cupie Dolls Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu

Dolls: they can be creepy and they can be cool, depending on your perspective. For Korean-born artist Byung-Kyu Do Dolls are his medium of choice. There is no denying that dolls do conjure varying images and experiences from my youth, so I could relate to the theme of Do’s latest exhibit, Childhood Memories, up now at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. We accidentally stumbled upon this exhibit on last night’s art crawl and I was very smitten by Do’s large photographs of baby dolls, some of which you can see below.

Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu

Childhood Memories Baby Doll Umbilical Chord Close Up
Check Out The Baby Doll Umbilical Chord Made of Actual Baby Dolls

Are they creepy…or are they cool? Only you can decide for yourself, but I liked them. You can read more about Byung-Kyu Do and his inspiration for Childhood Memories at This Link. There are tons of galleries in the same building as Emmanuel Fremin Gallery so be sure to do some exploring floor to floor if you come to see this small but fascinating exhibit. You never know what you might discover!

Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu Will be on Exhibit Through November 3rd, 2012 at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, located at 547 W. 27th Street, Suite 508, New York City.

Childhood Memories by Byung Kyu Do

Behold the Cold, Dead Stare of The Baby Doll