Product Review: RED ‘No Guilt’ Reduced Calorie Chocolate

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After spending four months in the house, you may agree that the current quarantine situation has not been kind to your waistline. Most of us are way less physically active these days, and it’s so easy to reach for the comfort of favorite foods in times of stress. As an admitted foodie, I can especially relate to the temptation to over-snack while working from home. As we all attempt to reacquaint ourselves with self-control, it’s vital to have snacks and sweet treats on hand that you can indulge in while staying on your diet — and if that can include tempting chocolates, how can it be wrong? Please allow me to introduce you to a brand of high-quality chocolate called Red that is reduced calorie, with no added sugar, and insanely delicious. Yes, it exists.

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All Pleasure, No Guilt is the promise of Red Chocolate, created by Swiss-owned Chocolette Confectionary. Red is sweetened exclusively with zero-calorie, plant-based Stevia and naturally-occurring melon sugars, giving it an amazing taste, with a reduced amount of fat. Crazy, but true.

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Thanks to the absence of processed sugar, Red’s dark chocolate varieties contain up to 50% fewer calories, while Red’s milk chocolate bars’ calorie count is reduced by up to 35%. This mean that the dark chocolate is KETO-friendly (with only 4 net carbs) and both are compatible with Weight Watchers as well! Guilt-free snacking never tasted so sinful. I recently received a selection Red Chocolate bars to review for the blog, and I am not fronting when I tell you that I am personally loving this chocolate. Here’s what arrived in our shipment!

red orange almond dark chocolate wrapped

Red Dark Chocolate infused with Orange and Almond. Oh, baby.

red milk chocolate wrapped photo by gail worley

Red Milk Chocolate. Smooth.

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An assortment of Red Chocolate Grab ‘N’ Go Bars that will set you back just 80 or 100 calories per bar!  We received three of the four available varieties, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk chocolate with hazelnuts and macadamia.

red orange almond dark chocolate with wrapper photo by gail worley

Stats are important, but what’s more important is how Red tastes. Let’s start with Dark Chocolate with Orange & Almond. The flavor of orange in both milk and dark chocolate has been one of my favorite tastes since I was a child, and I am also a big fan of chocolate combined with the crunch of finely toasted almonds. Using only California almonds and sweet oranges from Spain, the flavor profile of this bar offers the smoothness of dark chocolate infused with a crunchy bite of almonds and a subtle, zesty orange taste. Mmm, heaven. If you are already a fan of dark chocolate, this exciting combination of flavors could become a new favorite.

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You can see that the almonds are finely pulverized, so there are no big chunks of nut, and the flavor is well blended with the chocolate.

red milk chocolate with wrapper photo by gail worley

Milk Chocolate must taste rich and creamy to be the best, and Red’s elevated quality comes from being crafted with German milk.  Better ingredients mean better flavor. You would never guess that this chocolate has 30% fewer calories than its nearest competitor. Red milk chocolate tastes like sweet luxury on your tongue.

red milk chocolate unwrapped photo by gail worley

With its uniquely designed, diamond-shaped bites, you can almost see how good it tastes.

red grab n go bar photo by gail worley

A candy bar is not typically considered to be a low calorie snack, but you need not think twice about unwrapping one of these 100 calorie (or less) bars of Red chocolate. There are four pieces to each bar, but I could not get the photo taken before I had to put a piece in my mouth, because Red Chocolate is irresistible! Red believes that their ideal consumer is a modern, active person who doesn’t deny him/ herself small pleasures, but still takes care of their health and fitness. I bet that describes you perfectly. Find out more about the wonderful world of Red Chocolate at This Link.

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