Product Review: Cosmic Karma Candle from The Spa Girl Life

spa girl life cosmic karma candle set photo by gail worley
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You may not be aware that September is World Candle Month; an annual opportunity to recognize the amazing candle, its impact throughout history, and the role candles play in our daily lives. This year’s theme is Illuminate Your Life, and is dedicated to the ways candles light up our world and fragrance our homes. Since the earliest days of tallow-based candles to the tens of thousands of shapes, sizes, and fragrances available today, candles have been a source of more than just light. They have provided inspiration, relaxation, and calming sensations that are as welcome today as they have been throughout history.

This year’s World Candle Month shines a light on how much candles contribute to our health and mental well-being, especially during these unbelievably stressful times. The Spa Girl Life, a newly-launched luxury and vegan candle brand, is the perfect solution for anyone looking to unwind and de-stress this fall. For their warmth, glow, fragrance and meditation-enhancing qualities, candles have been part of my daily life for as long as I can remember, so I was  overjoyed to recently receive one of The Spa Girl Life’s candles to review for the blog.

spa girl life lit cosmic karma candle photo by gail worley

The Spa Girl Life offers eight different candle fragrance and stone pairings that allow you to personalize a mind-body wellness experience. Like a Mini First Aid Kit For The Soul, these candle / crystal pairings are a fun, useful, and practical way to make some quiet time for yourself amid the chaos of the day. You don’t need to have a meditation practice in place to use them; just light your candle, sit back, and allow some quiet time and space for yourself. We can all benefit from being calm and centered, and when you can find that within yourself, you will know a sense of peace like no other.

spa girl candle on alter photo by gail worley

Each candle comes with  two crystals (one for each hand if you choose to meditate with them), a mantra, and a postcard with space on the reverse side for recording your thoughts after you meditate.  Guided meditations are also available on their website Here.  A home altar is an ideal place to burn your candle, but if you don’t have one, any safe, flat surface will do.  The candle I received is the Cosmic Karma – Clarity Candle with Two Amazonite Crystals. Infused with the soothing scents of Eucalyptus and Mint, this candle will elevate your senses and transport you away to a place of inner peace where clarity comes naturally. Aromatherapy benefits include releasing grief and sorrow, and the included Mantra for Clarity (which is easy to memorize and can repeated silently to yourself or spoken out loud) is a positive affirmation as follows:

“To find the answers to my questions, I need only ask within myself.

The universe provides everything I need to live a harmonious life.”

The light and clean scent of the Cosmic Karma candle gently fills the room without being overly cloying or perfume-y. I love how it scents my home and like to leave it burning for a while after my mediation time, just to make the room smell like an expensive spa!

Cosmic Karma and all other Spa Girl Life candles have a 40-hour burn time, come in a reusable, lidded glass jar, and sell for just $39.95 each, which is a great price. Visit The Spa Girl Life to learn more about their products, and to make a purchase. Even better, sign up for their mailing list and get 10% Off your first order instantly!

spa girl life cosmic karma candle set photo by gail worley

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