Product Review: Koita Dairy-Free Oat Milk

koita oat milk and cereal box photo by gail worley
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The simple pleasures of enjoying a bowl of cereal with milk has returned to my life recently, thanks to a line of shelf-stable, plant-based milks from Koita, a natural foods company based in Italy (check out my review of Koita’s Organic Coconut Milk at This Link). This week I am reviewing Koita Oat Milk, made from Italian oats and water, and fortified with vitamins and calcium. I’ve reviewed oat milk-based beverages on the blog before and found them to be quite delicious, and ideal as a milk-substitute in smoothies and shakes, thanks to its creamy texture that’s very similar to dairy milk.

pouring oat milk photo by gail worley

Koita Oat Milk tastes great on either cold or hot cereal. On its own, it has a slightly sweet taste and an oat-y flavor essence that made me nostalgic for a bowl of oatmeal or perhaps warm oatmeal cookies. That said, Oat Milk tastes great as cold beverage paired with a plate of fresh-from-the-oven cookies. It can be used in your favorite baking recipe as well. You could kick start a pretty tasty brunch with this recipe found right on the carton:

oat milk pancake recipe photo by gail worley

Just add your favorite breakfast meat (vegan or otherwise) and a couple of stiff mimosas, and you’re set!

oat milk calorie count photo by gail worley

Koita Oat Milk has the same calories ounce-for-ounce as 2% reduced fat dairy milk — good to know!

koita plant based milks photo by gail worley

All varieties of Koita Plant Based Milk are available online at and on Koita’s website at Enjoy!

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