Product Review: Ethel’s Baking Co. Dessert Bars

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Summer snacking definitely favors grab-and-go convenience, but it’s also about enjoying a great-tasting treat — especially if you are one to indulge your sweet tooth. Fans of cookies,  brownies and snack cakes want a fresh, homemade taste, but the field of choices narrows significantly when your are gluten intolerant. If you are on a gluten-free diet, let me introduce you to Ethel’s Baking Company Dessert Bars.

Individually wrapped and ready to toss in your bag for a trip the park, the beach, or for mid-afternoon office snacking, Ethel’s Dessert Bars are baked from a family recipe with only the freshest, high quality ingredients and they are certified gluten free! I recently received samples of two varieties of Ethel’s  Dessert Bars for review on the blog, and I found them to be as tasty and indulgent as a slice of fresh, homemade pie.

ethels raspberry crumble dessert bar photo by gail worley

Reminding me very favorably of Entenmann’s famous Raspberry Danish Twist, Ethel’s new Raspberry Crumble Dessert Bar is a sweet, soft, and fruity raspberry pie bar that puts other brand’s snack cakes to shame. Trust me, it tastes as mouthwatering as it looks, with the flakiness of  Ethel’s signature Gluten-free shortbread crust, a sweet and tart layer of raspberries, a streusel-like crumb topping, and a light, sweet glaze. Mmm, delish.

ethels raspberry crumble dessert bar photo by gail worley

The Raspberry Crumble bar also makes a convenient and tasty breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee or your favorite tea.

ethels pecan dessert bar photo by gail worley

I also received the Pecan Dandy Dessert Bar, which is the original flavor baked by company founder Jill Bommarito and served for the first time to her largely gluten-intolerant family for Christmas dinner. Let’s take a closer look:

ethels dessert pecan bar photo by gail worley

OMG. I am a huge pecan pie fan, though I sometimes find  that the excessive sugary filling in the pie detracts from the delicious crunchy pecans, which should be the star of the show. With Ethel’s Pecan Dandy’s, you get a perfect little slice of the most delicious pecan pie imaginable, loaded with pecans on a buttery shortbread crust and just enough gooey, caramelized filling  to hold it all together. Simply scrumptious.

All of Ethel’s Baking Co.’s bars are made with locally sourced butter and cage-free eggs in a dedicated gluten free facility, and each bar is hand-layered to create the ideal texture and taste. You can buy Ethel’s Baking Co Dessert Bars in a store near you or online, directly from the bakery, in either 18-count boxes of individually wrapped bars, or by the dozen in a resealable bin to keep them fresh. Check out all of Ethel’s Dessert Bar varieties, including Blondies, Brownies, Cinnamon Crumble, and Turtle Dandy bars at This Link.

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