Eye On Design: InStitches Sock Cards!

instiches display photo by ken pierce
Above Photo By Ken Pierce, All Others By Gail

My family has not always been the most in-tune with my personal tastes when choosing Birthday and Holiday gifts, so I got in the habit of asking them to get me cute socks. This is why my sock  drawer is stuffed to near-overflowing with enough cute socks to cover the feet of a small army. Truth be told, every pair gets worn eventually, because socks are one of the most perfect gifts you can receive.  Two guys who are also hip to that fact are the ones who created the Sock Card from InStitches.

sock cards images

InStitches combines the two most popular gifts of all time in to one incredible combo, with a hilarious, shareable gift that provides ultimate convenience and helps laughs live forever . . .    on your feet. Founded in San Clemente, California by entrepreneurs Rob Dyrdek and Taylor Shupe, the Sock Card is revolutionizing the greeting card industry!

high five sock card photo by gail worleyhigh five sock card and socks photo by gail worley

Above you can see a Sock Card up close: the card is called High 5, and the socks, which are packaged inside the card, are a hallucinatory combination of hot pink and yellow with the design of a dude smoking a blunt, with the number 5 thrown in for good measure. What a perfect gift for your stoner friends of any sex!

high five socks on feet photo by gail worleyhigh five socks on feet photo by gail worley

I was admiring this design so much when I saw the brand at NY Now, they gave me a free pair to take home! Here I am modeling them while lounging casually in the Chickpad. I am not fronting when I tell you that these are the softest, thickest, most comfortable socks I own.

Here’s a cute little video where you can see some of the designs up close:

MSRP for one Institches Sock Card is $16.99 and it appears that there are currently no online options to buy retail. The InStiches website just launched and you can also get updates by following them on Instagram at @InStitchesInc.  I’m betting you can find them in higher-end gift shops.

sock card display photo by ken pierce

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