Beat the Winter Blues with These Fresh Winter Blooms

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The shorter days, the cold (and perhaps humid) weather and the aftermath of the holidays may put you in a ‘blue’ state. It’s important to know that you are not the only one who goes through these experiences.

The winter blues, as people like to call it, is a scientifically-recognized state of mind that can affect anyone. Now, depending on your brain chemistry and other illnesses, you may be having a more difficult time, but in most cases, this is a temporary phase that passes with the season.

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If you continue to feel down and tired even after the winter season, it’s best to discuss it with a medical specialist. However, if you’re just looking for ideas to make winter a bit more enjoyable now that there are no exciting holidays to look forward to, here are a few ideas that involve flowers:

Beautiful Bouquets to Refresh the House

You may think that flowers are more expensive during winter, and you may be right if you’re looking for the ones that don’t usually grow during cold weather. However, there are some flowers that bloom during winter as well. Get the best, and freshest winter blooms online from BloomingBox.

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In fact, the offer is so diverse that you can choose a wide range of winter flowers to create bouquets that most suit your home and your personality! You can even create beautiful color pairings that remind you of Christmas and beautiful, snowy days in the mountains.

Place these bouquets around your living and working space (which may be the same if you work from home) and take notice of how quickly your spirits will be uplifted. 

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Flowers in the Morning

Winter mornings are not very pleasant, especially if you don’t have floor heating. Just the thought of leaving your warm, fluffy bed for a cold-ish room and some cold slippers can make you want to sleep in every day of the week. 

But, according to a recent study, if you look at flowers for a few minutes, chances are you won’t feel that bad about getting out of bed and into a hot shower. What’s even better, the flowers can be in any setting you want (potted, bouquet, or dried and arranged).

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Work on Your Emotional Health

Another study, performed by the Rutgers University in New Jersey, shows that flowers induce happy emotions and help the brain restart the serotonin production engine. Even more, flowers seem to have a positive influence on your social behavior.

For instance, if you have a small indoor garden or you like exchanging flowers with friends and family, their beauty will always make you think of a pleasant activity. Plus, if you like social media, you can find a rich world of flower-focused communities where people share their passion and make new friends. 

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Basket of Flowers (1949) By Eugene Delacroix

Get Artsy

Flowers don’t just soothe our emotions; they also inspire greatness! After all, some of the most famous paintings out there depict flowers in one way or another. So why not try to awaken your inner artist as well? 

The days may be shorter, but we are no longer influenced by this in our modern times. So dedicate some of your evenings to paintings, photography, or other artistic endeavors that involve flowers. Who knows where this will take you?

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