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Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Jinx Monster By Jellycat

pink mascot photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

I had to do a reverse image search on this cute little guy to find out that his name is Jinx and he is a type of monster from Jellycat, who make amazing plush soft toys. I found Jinx serving as the booth mascot for Happy Just Happy greeting cards at the NY Now  winter market. Oh, the cuteness. Continue reading Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Jinx Monster By Jellycat

Pink Thing of The Day: Rubbish Monster

rubbish monster
Photos By Gail

Grrrr! We collected so many awesome and unusual Pink Things for this space at the recent NY Now show, but one of our most charming finds is this Pink Rubbish Monster, which is part of the  Kruselings line of fantasy dolls for young girls.

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Pink Thing of The Day: KAWS Chair Pink

kaws chair pink photographed by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Considered as one of the most relevant and forward-thinking artists of his generation, KAWS (Brian Donnelly) is critically lauded for his multi-disciplinary practice that draws upon pre-existing imagery to comment wittily on consumer culture. With his penchant for collaborations with industry giants, KAWS blurs the boundaries between fine and commercial art as he engages with audiences beyond global museums and galleries.

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Pink Thing Of The Day: Jigglypuff Game Prize

Jigglypuff Toy
Photos By Gail

How cute are these little guys? If you are familiar with the Pokemon species, then you know this round, pink creature is called a Jigglypuff. This past summer, Jigglypuff was available to win as a prize at various carnival games found at Coney Island’s Luna Park. This plush toy is about the size of basketball.

Jigglypuff Toy

Shark Attack Checkout Aisle!

Shark Attack Checkout Aisle
All Photos By Gail

Each year on New Year’s Eve day, I round up all of my not-yet-redeemed free product manufacturer coupons that are expiring at midnight on December 31st and head to Whole Foods and other neighborhood Supermarkets to load up on free stuff! Woo! This year’s haul includes ice cream, milk, frozen vegetable soufflés, and cottage cheese. Food just tastes better when it’s free. Continue reading Shark Attack Checkout Aisle!