Cheap Travel On A Student’s Budget!

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Do you think that travel (especially trips abroad) is an unaffordable luxury for a student? Think again. Even if you have a small budget, you don’t need to give up your desire to travel. In fact, you can explore the world on a rather small budget. In this article, you will learn how to see the world as a student: cheaply or at almost no cost to you.  If you think you will not have enough time for studies during the trip, students can use cheap essay writing services to take care of their course assignments, so they will have more free time. Most of your travel expenses will go towards transportation, housing, food, and tickets to various attractions, parks, galleries, and museums. All these costs can be minimized with the right kind of planning.

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Ways To Travel For Free

Each of us at one time has dreamed — or still dreams — of traveling the world, but not everyone succeeds. Some people may be held back by fear or anxiety, others may lack motivation, or financial resources. But if you can pay for essay cheap you can travel for cheap. Once you decide to go on a trip, you can research a list of organizations and resources which will allow you to visit new countries for free while you gain valuable life experience (and maybe even get paid).

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Find Cheap or Free Accommodations

  • First, free accommodations are easiest to procure when you can travel to those regions where you have friends, acquaintances or relatives who can put you up in their homes. For example, if your classmate went to the Czech Republic to continue his studies there, you can go to visit and stay him. If you have a musician friend in a country you’re dying to see, then you should contact him and find out his plans for the summer. Of course, engaging the services of  Argumentative essay writer will take over all the responsibilities for your course assignments.
  • You can search for free accommodation offered through special sites, such as Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is a hotel hospitality network where some members of the community offer a place to stay to other members. The idea of the service is simple – to give each other the opportunity to get acquainted with different countries and cultures. Staying with the inviting member is always free.
  • You can carry a tent with you, which is especially convenient in warm regions, out in nature. In some countries, you can only travel with a tent.
  • Night buses and trains are very convenient, – as they involve transportation and an overnight stay. And you pay only for the road.
  •  If the bus / train departs early in the morning, then you can walk around the city all evening, sit in a 24-hour diner at night, and then wait at the station.
  • You can find a place to spend the night abroad on various social networks. Check out organizations such schools, village councils, and monasteries.
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Find Seasonal Work

A popular work visa that you can obtain allows for seasonal travel to Finland. Every year, students who want to earn money come to this country in northern Europe, and at the same time see Finland while they earn some cash. Remember though that you will have to work according to a set schedule. If it is a strawberry picking job, work on the plantation starts at 7.00 in the morning, ends at 4:00 in the afternoon, after which the staff has free time. As a rule, free buses to the city depart daily from the base, with return transportation also provided.

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Experienced hitchhikers say that there is no cheaper way to see the world today than by hitchhiking and it is a favorite method of travel for Students. All you need is a valid passport and a backpack before heading to the road and catching a passing car. Remember to be polite and sociable with fellow travelers. Don’t be demanding of the driver, but do discuss the details of where you can be taken, because since you won’t be paying for the ride this is important! Be sure to prepare a card in advance with the place where you want to go, noting the number of the route, the duration of the journey. Also, be sure to pack an umbrella or a raincoat, because no one will want to take a wet tourist into their car. You also need to think about all the places where you can spend the night. Take a compact tent with you, just in case there is no place for a comfortable overnight stay.

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Join a Turtle Brigade

You can contribute to the world and see exotic countries by teaming up with conservationist groups, such as the Turtle Brigades that rescue endangered sea turtles in the Seychelles. Through these organizations, you can go on a tour completely free of charge and get a unique experience in remote corners of the planet, doing a valuable job.

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The main goal of the volunteering is to meaningfully improve the quality of life within communities. Volunteers help the population of the sponsored country, guided by the framework of the international program. Having joined the volunteer program, it will be possible to travel around many countries, moreover, for free.

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The Bottom Line

Many people still think that traveling is expensive, that flights cost a lot of money, and that in order to go on a weekend in Europe, you need to work for several years and then eat nothing. A life of continuous travel can be challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity to expand your horizons for a relatively small expenditure.

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