Product Review: OMG! Gourmet Pretzels

omg pretzel bag photo by gail worley

Do you like pretzels? I sure do. With their satisfying crunch and somewhat neutral flavor, pretzels can be dipped into Nutella, melted cheese,  or other toppings to satisfy a sweet or savory craving. Pretzel bakers seem hip to this trend, as they find new ways to stuff a pretzel with peanut butter (yes please!)  or add a  flavorful coating to the outside, and I am onboard with that. If you’re also down with the idea of gourmet pretzels in new and fun flavors, let me introduce you to OMG! Pretzels. After just one bite, you will understand how these pretzels got their name.

OMG! Pretzels are a family business, founded in 2014 by mother-daughter duo Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel.  For decades, Lynn Kriebel made garlic-flavored pretzels – OMG’s flagship product – as snacks for her kids. When these specialty pretzels evolved into an integral part of Lynn’s holiday entertaining and gatherings, she knew there could be a wider audience out there. Now, OMG! Pretzels are available in eight bold flavors and can be found via their website, on Amazon, and on shelves at specialty retailers across the country.

omg pretzels on a plate photo by gail worley

OMG! recently sent me a bag of the Salty Butterscotch flavor and I took them to  the office to enjoy as mid-afternoon snacks. As you can see in the photo above, each pretzel nugget is dusted with a generous coating of a sweet and salty butterscotch flavoring, which gives you consistent taste in each bite. The pretzels have a light crunch,  which means they are safe for those with a sensitive jaw or lots of expensive dental work!

Made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love, other OMG! flavors include Garlic, Jalapeño Cheddar, Sweet Chili, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet & Salty, Lemon Pepper, and Chesapeake Spice — something for everyone! I would recommend them not just as a standalone snack but instead of chips as an accompaniment to your favorite sandwich! You can also find interesting recipe ideas incorporating  OMG! pretzels here.

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omg pretzels and bag photo by gail worley

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