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Product Review: OMG! Gourmet Pretzels

omg pretzel bag photo by gail worley

Do you like pretzels? I sure do. With their satisfying crunch and somewhat neutral flavor, pretzels can be dipped into Nutella, melted cheese,  or other toppings to satisfy a sweet or savory craving. Pretzel bakers seem hip to this trend, as they find new ways to stuff a pretzel with peanut butter (yes please!)  or add a  flavorful coating to the outside, and I am onboard with that. If you’re also down with the idea of gourmet pretzels in new and fun flavors, let me introduce you to OMG! Pretzels. After just one bite, you will understand how these pretzels got their name.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pay Phone

According to the friend who centime this image, this is the actual working business phone of a thrift store that just opened in his town. I think you should shop there.

OMG: Old Made Good
ADDRESS: 5005 N. Wickham Road / Suite 100 / Melbourne, FL 32935
PHONE: (321) 745-5559
HOURS: Monday thru Saturday 10AM – 6PM

Tell Them The Worley Gig Sent You!

Gay Men and Naked Chicks Love The Worley Gig!

OMG Blog Logo

I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. So I’d like to take a few minutes out of my very not- that-busy Friday to acknowledge the two websites that have consistently been the top link referrers to Worleygig.com all year:OMG Blog Dot Com and DOMAI (Dirty Old Men Association International). These two sites have their own special way of rocking.

OMG Blog, the raddest Gay Blog on the internet, is run by my good friend Frank, who is always at least two steps ahead of me with the low down and dirty celebrity gossip or the latest trendy fad thing. More than a little of what you see on my blog – for example, the Banana Guard post – is stuff I stole from Frank (always giving a link-back, mind you). Frank also seems to find and post the hottest pictures of naked guy celebrities as well. You go, Frank!


Speaking of naked people, if you’re not currently using a computer linked to a corporate server that blocks ‘pornography,’ why not click right over to DOMAI Dot Com: an amateur art photography site which “celebrates female beauty” – but, let’s get real here, is really about taking an artistic slant at looking at hot naked chicks. Domai is run by my friend Eolake, a Danish artist who lives in England. I met Eolake though the internet about a million years ago after he wrote me a fan letter in response to an interview I did with Ogre from Skinny Puppy. We’ve been friends ever since. Eolake is also responsible for turning me on to the miracle of Paypal.

As a favor to me, and because you know you really want to, please give a little year end love to Frank and Eolake. Because we’re all in this internet Blog-rolling thing together.