Just a Girl Paste-Up Series By Goldloxe

goldloxe snow globe photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Street art aficionados know that Freeman Alley is the premier spot on the LES for checking out contemporary street art as it is happening. The alley’s visual landscape of wheat pastes, stickers and stencils changes daily, so I like to head over there a few times a month to see what’s new and share the best discoveries here on the site. It was during a visit in mid-February that I started seeing the art of Goldloxe in a series of paste-ups depicting  nearly identical little girls — wearing baby doll dresses,  Mary Janes shoes and bobby socks — which are part of her Just a Girl collection. For Goldloxe, these girls are all about “Celebrating unapologetic women who won’t stop pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.” Heck yeah!

goldilocks for peace in ukraine photo by gail worley
Goldloxe for Peace in Ukraine

Some of the Girls stand for ideals, such as bringing peace to Ukraine. Others depict artists and activists such as Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama and Malala Yousafzai. A tag line added to many of the images, Just Right, echoes Goldilocks’ sentiments when she busted into the Three Bears‘ house seeking personal satisfaction. What I think it means though is that you are “just right” when you are being yourself.

bear from goldilocks photo by gail worley

Here’s that Bear right now!

frida kahlo paste up photo by gail worley

Frida is seen here with her pet monkey. So cute!

yayoi kusama photo by gail worley

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Yayoi Kusama is my favorite living artist. She is endlessly inspirational. While I get the reason why Kusama is depicted here a s blonde, her hair really needs to be bright red, like the red wig Kusama wears everywhere, because she is a fucking rock star.

tax the rich photo by gail worley

Here’s one I can get behind 100%.

goldilocks photo by gail worley
malala photo by gail worley

Just a  Girl artwork is also available as NFTs , with 5% of Sales going to the Malala Fund, working for a world where all girls can learn and lead. Follow Goldloxe on Instagram right Here!

Update August 28, 2022:

goldloxe mural photo by gail worley

This mural-sized paste up was spotted by me today in the same place where This Mural once was.

Update May 25, 2023:

goldloxe pink with frida photo by gail worley

These little gals were spotted in Freeman Alley.

goldloxe afro photo by gail worley

Added July 2023:

just right goldloxe nonbinary photo by gail worley

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