8 Qualities to Look for in a Nursing Home

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Sometimes our loved ones are no longer able to effectively and safely care for themselves day-to-day. When this happens, many elderly people opt to move themselves into a nursing home, where they can stay happy, healthy, and connected to other people their age. However, as someone who’s helping your loved one make the transition, finding a home that’s just right can be taxing. To help you locate the perfect home, here are eight important qualities to look for in a nursing home.

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1. A Quality Staff

More than any other quality, knowing that the staff at your loved one’s potential new nursing home are professional, welcoming, and friendly is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll feel worried about their ability to transition into their new home in a healthy, safe, and fulfilling manner. Asking to meet staff members who will be in charge of your loved one’s daily life will be important, and if a home can’t help you do so, it may not be the right choice. If your loved one experiences instances of neglect or abuse at a nursing home you choose, it’s critical that you immediately contact a highly experienced firm like rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/nursing-home-abuse-and-neglect.html.

2. The Perfect Location

Even if a nursing home is amazing in most ways, if it’s super far out of the way, being able to visit your loved one will become a pain. Having a location that’s close enough for comfort will help you feel more assured that you can get to the home in case of an emergency as well. While your loved one is getting used to their new home, the fact that you’re fairly close will  mean the world to them, so be sure to put extra effort into finding a nursing home with a location that’s near your home.

3. A Solid Reputation

With the online review community, it’s easy to discover what type of reputation a nursing home has. To ensure you’re putting your loved one in a facility where they will be both safe and happy, avoid homes that have gotten lots of bad press and reviews. Additionally, it can be useful to ask the nursing home to provide testimonials from previous residents and their families, as this will make you feel that much more at ease with your choice.

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4. Great Community Events

As your loved one becomes acclimated to their new home, their ability to feel as though they’re part of a community will prove invaluable to them. Find a home that emphasizes holding great community events that are meant to keep the residents happy, entertained, and socially connected. Not only will this help your loved one meet new friends, but it will help them develop new hobbies as well.

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5. A Comfortable Outdoor Space

Fresh air and sunlight are both incredibly important to  physical and mental health. If a nursing home is of high quality, it will have a comfortable and well-curated outdoor space that residents can enjoy. Whether your loved one loves to read outside, enjoys bird watching, or simply wants fresh air now and then, they will need a safe outdoor space that they will have frequent access to.

6. Solid, Flexible Visiting Hours

In addition to having a close location that you can frequently visit, knowing that the nursing home your loved one is joining has flexible, quality visiting hours is of great importance. After all, if it becomes a huge hassle to visit at times that are convenient for you, your visits will not be frequent enough to help you and your loved one adjust to this massive lifestyle change.

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7. Perfect Medical Services

Keeping your loved one healthy is just as important as keeping them happy. When joining a nursing home, they’ll likely need daily medical assistance or checkups to keep them healthy. Making sure a potential home is well set up to provide these services in a consistent, quality fashion is crucial. This is another must-have feature for any home that you are seriously considering .

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8. Accessible Pricing

Even if you find a nursing home that fits all of your other criteria, you also have to locate one that you and your loved one can afford. Medicaid can sometimes help pay for their services, so be sure to look into this if you know your budget is not as high as you’d like it to be. Once you find a home that’s both feature-packed and affordable, you’ll know you’ve found the right nursing home for your loved one.

The Perfect Nursing Home is Out There

It’s never a good idea to rush picking a nursing home for your elderly loved one. Making sure they feel happy with the decision is of utmost importance as well. If you can find a home that fulfills all of the eight needs that we’ve listed above, your loved one will easily transition into their new life in the nursing home.

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