Eye On Design: Opiary Drillium Club Chair

opiary drillium chair photo by gail worley
All Photo By Gail

With the dream of owning a huge house comes the anticipation of an expansive back yard, where you can extend your design aesthetic into your outdoor spaces with amazing furniture.  I first saw Opiary Design’s Drillium Chair at ICFF 2021; snapping a few photos and making a mental note to find out more about this exciting ‘green’ design. When I saw the chair again recently at ICFF 2022.I knew the time had come to feature it in this space, because it is just fantastic.

drillium chair photo by gail worley

Opiary is a Brooklyn-based, Biophilic design studio that combines nature and modern design in expressive and meaningful ways. They create unique furniture, wallscapes, planters and custom art pieces that add life to any interior or exterior space.

drillium chair photo by gail wotley

The designers incorporate natural elements into every piece created, bringing live greenery and organic shapes into their work. This handcrafted club chair is clean, sensuous and weather defiant. The concrete form references the organic shapes of bones and has pockets for nurturing live plants.

drillium chair with plant detail photo by gail worley

Opiary’s Drilium Collection takes cues from aircraft design and steel racing bicycles of the 1960s and 70s. The hand-sculpted forms are strong and elegant, and make for an incredibly comfortable seating experience.

drillium club chair photo by gail worley

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