Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs

dark like my heart bath bombs photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs is a product from UK-based novelty gift company Gift Republic, who definitely make some fun products. These fragrant bath bombs for the Goth on your gift list look silver in the photo, but that is just  glare bouncing off the packaging. They are actually a charcoal grey color and are meant to turn your bath water black.  If  you are curious about what it would be like to bathe in black water, check out what users are saying about this product on Amazon!

  • I just have to say for the price, this was not it at all. I used two bombs for one bath and it didn’t [create] any real color change, but did stain my tub. Do not buy. Do not recommend.
  • These won’t change the color of your bath but they will leave sticky residue on you and your tub.
  • I like them, but it took the whole bag to make my bath black.
  • The bath bombs themselves are very small and aren’t moisturizing at all. They’re more like something you would use if you wanted to sit in a hot black bath, because they do make the bath water dark black. If you just want the novelty of a hot black bath, it’s pretty good, but doesn’t do anything for your skin.
  • Awful product. Grey water and scum left afterwards even though I’d just cleaned my bath beforehand. I’m throwing the rest away and will be asking for a refund.
  • Really tiny. Smelled okay, but did nothing for my bath color. Ended up just leaving grey smears all over myself and my bath.
  • I had to use about 5 of these to make the water turn black…. well, I say black [but] it was more of a dark grey. They smell nice but that disappeared very quickly. THE MESS…. these left such a mess! I spent ages cleaning the bath after which was definitely not wanted because I’d spent the day cleaning and I just wanted to relax.

So, maybe buy these as a joke gift and recommend that the recipient use them for display purposes only!

Photographed at NY Now Gift Show at The Javits Center!

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