Eye On Design: Mid-Century Armchairs by Paola Buffa

paola buffa midcentury armchairs photo by gail worley
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Paolo Buffa (19031970) was an Italian architect and designer best known for his designs of mid-century furniture. Characterized by a melding of tradition and modernity, he used a combination of low-profile, rectilinear, and hardwood forms to produce his most classic pieces. This pair of Rose-colored Velvet Upholstered Armchairs from the 1960s are examples of his dedication to  superior craftsmanship.

paola buffa midcentury armchair photo by gail worley

While professionally dedicated to the construction of architectural works, Buffa was especially passionate about furniture and product design, an area where he remained faithful to a figurative repertoire of substantial classicism, while not disdaining impulses of authentic modernity, ranging from different eras and styles, which would become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him over time.

paola buffa midcentury armchair detail photo by gail worley
Chair Upholstery Detail

You can read more about the lavish and iconic designs of Paola Buffa at This Link.

Photographed at The Salon Art + Design 2021 in the Booth for Charles Burnand Gallery of London.

paola buffa midcentury armchairs photo by gail worley
Installation View

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