10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Like a Celebrity’s

grand staircase
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Many of us admire and try to emulate celebrities — whether by copying their Red Carpet looks or buying their skincare brands — and celebrity homes are no exception. With access to the world’s best interior designers, celebrity homes are often awe-inspiring and can leave us wishing our own homes looked as effortlessly chic and fabulous. You may not have the same budget, but here are 10 simple ways you can make your home look more like a celebrity abode.

grand lighting
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1. Consider Grand Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference to any home. Not only does the right lighting affect the look of a space, but it also alters the overall ambience or mood of your home. Adding a statement lighting piece, such as an oversized chandelier, to a dining room or entrance hallway can make your house look more high-end and fabulous.

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2. Hang Curtains Higher

To elevate the look of a room, you should hang your curtains high and wide. Mount curtain poles close to the ceiling and have them extend beyond the window frame and sill. Choose curtains that will reach the floor when hung and ensure that when they’re drawn back you can see as much of the window as possible. This offers a better view and creates the illusion of a larger window and room.

bay window seat
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3. Install a Bay Window Seat

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in period properties, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, you’ll want to make the best use of the space. A bespoke bay window seat, such as a window bench or sofa can create a stylish look and offer discreet storage space for a celebrity look that’s practical as well as elegant.

gallery wall
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4. Create a Gallery wall

A gallery or accent wall is one way to get that celebrity look no matter the size of your home. Simply choose a wall in your home and make it uniquely yours. You might want to paint it a bold, contrasting color or cover it with a vibrant statement wallpaper. You can then create your very own gallery, showcasing pieces that are special to you, whether that’s photographs of loved ones, quirky prints or pieces of original art.

house plants
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5. Plenty of House Plants

House plants not only add a touch of opulence and a pop of color to your home but they can also improve air quality. Even the plant pots or hangers you choose for your new house plants can create a statement and help elevate the look of a space.

kitchen island
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6. Install a Kitchen Island

A staple of many celebrity homes, the kitchen island provides a focal point for the kitchen, enhancing the look of the room. It also makes cooking, dining and entertaining easier, as the island provides additional counter space for food preparation or space for dinner guests to sit and chat as you prepare a delicious meal. Thus, many people want a new kitchen like this to enjoy the food while entertaining their guests.

large floor rug
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7. Invest in Rugs

A well-placed area rug can create the illusion of space and make a room seem larger and more luxurious. The rug should be in keeping with your décor and the right size for your room. Placement is also key – furniture should sit partially on the rug, rather than being arranged around it, to give a more cohesive feel to the space.

woman reading
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8. Designated Reading Space

A special spot just for reading is a little luxurious touch that can be incorporated into any home. Whether it’s an armchair and soft blanket beneath a window or tucked below a staircase or something on a grander scale, like converting an unused corner of a room into a reading nook with a comfortable bench, side-table, and lamp.

wardrobe area
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9. Walk-in Wardrobes

The celebrity affinity for a walk-in closet is well known. Take a page out of the celebs’ books and organize your own space with shelving for shoes and hooks for hanging your favorite accessories like handbags and scarves. If you have the space for it, a dedicated dressing room will really bring on that star factor.

hallway with large mirror
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10. Supersized Mirrors

When it comes to celebrity homes, size is everything and that applies to furniture and décor. Choosing larger items allows you to focus on the quality of the piece and can help to create an illusion of space by avoiding cluttered smaller pieces. When it comes to mirrors, a supersize full-length mirror can truly transform a bedroom or entrance hallway.

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