Yes, It Exists: Freddie Mercury Tea

freddie mercury tea photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

A few exceptional products didn’t quite make it into my massive photo recap of the Summer Fancy Food Show 2022 — mostly because I wanted to save them for their own featured post. When I spotted this teabag bearing the likeness of the late Queen front man Freddie Mercury at the booth for The Teabook Teas, I knew it would need its own showcase.

The Teabook Teas is largest company to make a binder-like storage device to store your tea collection and their collectible organic tea. The Freddie Mercury tea  flavor is called Bohemian Raspberry — clever! For a great gift idea, find out more about their full line of teas named for famous historical figures and celebrities (some pictured below) at This Link!

teabook teas display photo by gail worley

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