5 Cannabis-Inspired Statement Fashion Pieces to Elevate Your Look

pot slogan tee shirt

In recent years, interest in cannabis and its consumption has grown exponentially. While smoking a joint is the most common way to consume cannabis, different devices such as vaporizers, dabs, and water pipes are becoming popular. Some people use it for recreational purposes only, but others find that it provides relief for certain ailments. Cannabis is becoming a part of every industry out there, and that includes fashion.

Pot leaf designs are trending and worn by everyone. Even those with no interest whatsoever in marijuana enjoy the decoration because of its beauty and on-trend look. As these products keep infiltrating in the mainstream, many fashionistas have taken the marijuana leaf as a symbol of the industry. This fashion statement has been in existence for years. The hemp plant is widely used in making clothes that feel like those made from cotton.

Cannabis-inspired statement fashion pieces are popularizing the hemp plant industry. These designs go beyond just a tee shirt or hoodie, to higher-end garments that make you feel attractive, sexy, and comfortable. There are many designs with the marijuana leaf symbol but getting the best weed clothing is still challenging. This article discusses a few designs and accessories inspired by the marijuana leaf for the cannabis lovers’ lifestyle. If you’re into weed, here are some easy to find leafy designs branded with a 420 aesthetic that are trending, timeless, and functional.

pot leaf socks

1. Cannabis Print Socks

Cannabis print socks are trending and worn mostly with shorts and tees. They’re thick and comfortable, with the leafy print looking amazing. The socks are made to be fitted with compression legging and a rubber band neck. Pot socks can be worn by anyone and on any body size. These socks are designed in random colors such as pink, gray, white, black, yellow, and red. Some are mixed colors like red and black, white, and gray, green and black, etc. Pot leaf socks are instant mood-enhancers.

pot leaf necklace

2. Cannabis Plant Necklace

Jewelry as an accessory adds beauty to any outfit, and cannabis leaf jewelry is no different. Pot leaf pendants and necklaces have existed for ages, and today it represents a fashion statement worn by many and produced by top accessory designers. But did you know that material from the hemp plant is also used in jewelry making?

hemp chord necklace

Hemp thread is used to make different accessories such as necklaces, wristbands, headbands, rings, earrings, and watchbands. Hemp chord necklaces are often paired with other materials like beads, wood, glass, rocks, bones, or gems.

Pot Leaf Face Mask

3. Reusable Cannabis Face Mask

Hemp fabric is like organic cotton, which is an environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable fabric. Both organic cotton and hemp are grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or generically-modified seeds By comparison, traditional cotton is grown with chemical fertilizers or pesticides that are highly toxic to the body. The manufacturing process also adds chemicals to the cloth, some of which remain attached to the fabric and do not wash off. With the popularity of reusable face masks, it makes sense to buy those made from hemp cloth. The cannabis face mask, designed with a pot leaf symbol, and can be washed and reused. Not only are they fashionable, but cannabis cloth face masks are safer and healthier than those made with traditional cotton.

pot leaf pajamas

4. Cannabis Print Pajama Set

Pajamas — also referred to as PJs — are trending nightwear. Popular sleepwear is designed with soft-texture fabrics for the utmost comfort. Cannabis printed PJ sets made from either silk, light cotton, hemp cotton, or soft flannel are gentle on the skin, improving sleep.  PJ sets are cool, breathable, and can be worn at any time of the day. Experts advise people suffering from sleep deprivation to use these pajamas to feel comfortably warm during the night. With lots of fun designs and fabrics available, it’s easy to find the pot leaf-print PJs that suit your style.

pot leaf backpack

5. 420 Backpacks

420 backpack designs are considered by cannabis lovers to be the best, and even non-smokers enjoy the fashion statement. 420 backpacks are great for carrying books, clothes, laptops, a camera, lunch, gym wear, or whatever you like. Many experts encourage the use of backpacks for traveling because of their compact size and convenience. Backpacks as a fashion accessory are used by students, professionals, athletes, travelers, and more. If you’ve never used a backpack, try one to see how handy they are.

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