Eye On Design: Glass Banana Pipe By Edie Parker

glass banana pipe photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

While smoking Banana Peels isn’t really a thing, you can smoke this Banana Pipe that has appeal, if you choose. A perfect addition to your collection, or as a gift for an herb-loving friend who also digs bananas, this artsy fruit-shaped pipe of borosilicate glass is from Flower by Edie Parker (aka Weedie Parker), best known for their modern designs inspired by vintage lucite hand bags.

hi my name is weedie parker photo by gail worley3 banana pipes photo by gail worley

This pipe looks like it would really ‘light up’ a conversation, and also look great on your shelf or coffee table when not in use. They also make pipes that look like a cherry with stem, a bunch of grapes, and an orange, so you could collect all of them and create a  very interesting fruit bowl display in your home! Priced at just $135, see the full collection and do some shopping at This Link!

glass banana pipe photo by gail worley
Mellow Yellow

Photographed at Shoppe Object Gift Show in NYC.

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