Three Must Have Jewelry Boxes

assorted costume jewelry
The Childhood Costume Jewelry Collection (Image Source)

As a child, I amassed quite a collection of costume jewelry pieces – mostly cast-offs from my mom’s and grandmother’s collections — which I wore when playing ‘Dress Up’ games with my friends. It didn’t have much real value, but I loved my collection of gaudy baubles, nonetheless.  My first ‘jewelry box’ was just a little cardboard box, where I would return my beads, brooches, and rings once I was done with my play, but I would often open that box just to admire my treasure. Eventually, I inherited a proper jewelry box from my older sister, and while it was rather beat up-looking, I confess I never thought to replace it (sentimental value, I suppose) until I was well into adulthood.

My First Jewelry Box

When I finally realized it was okay to replace something old (that ‘did the job’) with something new that was much nicer, I purchased a lovely leather jewelry box that looked great displayed atop my dresser.  It really changed my life, believe me, to have a something with multiple compartments where everything in my growing collection could be organized and uncluttered. I remember shopping for that box like it was yesterday. By searching for ‘jewelry box’ on the web, I came across a jewelry box store called Galeries Antoinette, and I ordered just the box I was looking for.

Since that time, my jewelry collection continues to grow into one with many fine and valuable pieces, and I’ve returned to Galeries Antoinette each time I need a new box that’s functional, well-made, and beautiful. Let me introduce you to three of my favorite jewelry boxes.

glass jewelry box

My Glass Jewelry Box: Luxurious and Unique

This beautiful glass jewelry box is really a work of art; very original and rather luxurious. This box cost me a few bucks, but the price was secondary because from the day I received it, I knew I had made the right choice. This model – which, because it’s glass, is rather fragile – stays in my living room, where I keep the jewelry I wear daily. It also brings a unique decorative touch to the space.

wooden jewelry box

Ultimate Storage: The Wooden Jewel Case

Ultimate storage is an understatement! This model is perfect and large enough to store my many pieces of jewelry that I don’t necessarily wear often, but like to keep handy and safe. I’m a big lover of decorating with a mix of wood and modern materials, so this box was a logical choice. It preserves the most important part of my collection and perfectly combines aesthetics with the practical qualities one looks for in jewelry storage.

The Must-Have Travel Jewelry Box

pink travel jewelry box

Of course, I had to include something pink. This leather box may not be fancy, but it’s certainly beautiful and super functional. It’s also extremely practical jewelry storage, because I can take it everywhere I go. Whether it’s a weekend away or on one of the cruises my sister and I are so fond of, it allows me to take a considerable number of pieces while keeping them organized — and I simply love its millennial pink color!

You can shop for all of these jewelry boxes and find even more accessory storage ideas (for yourself or to give as nice gifts) at Galeries Antoinette. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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