Eye On Design: Mid-century Modern Ikebana Vessels

ikebana vessels photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

In the practice of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement, selecting a vessel is an important step in design and informs the meaning of the composition. In Ikebana there are also designated vessels for seasonal compositions with corresponding lighter and darker color palettes as well as design elements that help shape the artist’s choice of flowers and plants.

ikebana vessels photo by gail worley

This selection of vessels belongs to artist Noritaka Noda’s personal collection of vintage mid-century modern ikebana vessels. These works were produced  at the historic Hisyoku kiln, which was in operation between 1913 and 2013 in the city of Tokoname, an important center of ceramic production in Japan.

Photographed in The Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan

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