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Tips to Stay Fit and Happy While Writing Your Dissertation

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Dissertations are one of the most difficult tasks that students must undertake during their studies. It’s very involved, requiring hours of researching, creating an outline, writing, drafting, editing, etc. a dissertation takes the bulk of your time, and it’s easy to get so carried away that you can neglect yourself and your health. Some students tend to avoid this problem by outsourcing their dissertation to the best dissertation writing service, but not all students can afford that. If you fall in the latter group, here are a few tips to ensure you remain healthy, fit and happy while writing your dissertation.
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Why Arts and Cultural Education is so Important

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Every community around the world has unique arts and culture. The importance and appeal of learning about different cultures, their history and what they have to offer the world is sadly underrated. Many people believe that value only comes from education in fields that will bring them more money, thus, they are fixated on studying science, mathematics, and business. This tendency is primarily due to the proliferation of technology in the last few decades. The fact is, studying the arts can be very fulfilling and beneficial for one’s future.

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Review: EduBirdie 2022 Writing Services

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EduBirdie is an academic platform where students can choose from hundreds of professional writers to assist them with their writing assignments. Services offered include ghostwriting, essay creation, proofreading, and a plagiarism checker Founded in 2015, EduBirdie.com has established a reputation for being  among the best and most well-known online writing services of its kind, but we wanted to see if it’s still able to match its good reputation. Continue reading Review: EduBirdie 2022 Writing Services