Marzipops Marzipan, For The Holidays!

marzipops photo by gail worley
Above Photo By Gail. All Other Images Courtesy of Marzipops

Do you like marzipan? I sure do. For me, just one bite of this sweet, almost exotically delicious treat says “It’s Christmastime!” more than any other holiday food. Made with a base of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites, it’s one of those polarizing things that people either love madly or just do not ‘get.’ If you don’t even know what Marzipan is, this post will tell you all you need to know about a marvelous thing that you should familiarize yourself with sooner rather than later. Tis the season, after all.

I happen to be in the pro-marzipan camp, so I fell hard for Marzipops marzipan candy lollipops and treats at the Summer Fancy Food Show here in NYC. Marzipops marzipan is so creamy and delicious, it literally melts in your mouth. Because it comes in all sorts of adorable shapes (almost too cute to eat) it is a fantastic idea for gifts and seasonal promotions! After reading my review of SFFS, the folks at Marzipops sent me a lovely  sampling of their candies. Let’s check it out.

cute animals marzipops

This assortment of tiny marzipan figures of Cute Animals would make ideal party favors for a child’s Birthday celebration. Each one comes individually wrapped, so they stay fresh and there is no mess. Marzipop’s goal is to provide exceptionally delicious and playful marzipan treats, and, as you will see, they do an excellent job.

donuts marzipan

There is so much going on with all of their unique designs, bright colors and hand-crafted excellence.  Wouldn’t these little Donuts make a great gift for a co-worker?

ice pops marzipan

This collection of colorful Ice Pops  include real mini popsicle sticks for that authentic look.

fast food marzipan

You can see that there is serious skill to creating these tiny sculptures that so closely resemble the real thing. Don’t you just want a Taco right now? Marzipops candies would also be so fantastic to use for decorating all of your special occasion cakes!

christmas trees marzipan

Ah, this multi-colored collection of  glittering  Christmas Trees is simple breathtaking. This item lets you customize the color selection in your order.

pink pigs marzipan

OK, I this you know that these Pink Piggies are my favorite. In Germany pigs are a sign of good luck, and marzipan piglets are often shared amongst friends and family over the New Year to bring good luck over the next 12 months. Click that link to find out what the little emblems on the pigs mean.

fall leaves and pumpkins

Maple Leaves, Pumpkins and Gourds are part of Marzipop’s Autumn Harvest Collection.  Too bad you just missed your chance to add them to your Thanskgiving decor, but there’s always next year!

dreidel and gelt marzipan

Hanukkah starts one week before Christmas, so don’t waste any time ordering your Tiny Dreidels and Gelt, plus other fun themes shapes for the holidays!

christmas elves marzipan

This hand-sculpted Christmas Trio of marzipan figures includes one Elf, one Gnome and one Santa. Arriving in a lovely gift box tied with a satin ribbon, they make a unique and delicious gift.  You could also put one at every place setting on your holiday table, or save them for yourself!

All items arrive fresh  from the Marzipops kitchen in Ann Arbor, Michigan, beautifully wrapped and ready to enjoy. Visit Marzipops online now to start shopping!

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