Pink Thing of The Day: Menorahmorph By Karim Rashid

menoramorph photo by gail worley
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In honor of its centennial in 2004, The Jewish Museum commissioned world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to design this unique menorah. Created in his signature bright colors, forms and materials, this bold statement brings a contemporary look to a traditional ritual object. It is a fitting celebration of Hanukkah for the 21st century!

menoramorph photo by gail worley

 Karim Rashid’s production runs the gamut from industrial design, art, and music to installations. His Hanukkah lamp, commissioned by the museum and produced in three colors, displays the biomorphic form, contemporary materials (silicone and stainless steel), and brilliant color that characterize his work. While this item appears to be long out of retail circulation, Temple Israel Judaica Shop is selling a lime green version online at This Link. The menorah includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, as well as removable metal candle inserts for easy cleaning!

Photographed in The Jewish Museum in NYC.

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