Eye On Design: It’s No Yoke Hands-Free Bag Carrier

how to wear its no yoke
Leave Your Hands Free for the Important Things (Image Source)

Who’s heard the saying, “My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting”?  I can relate, and maybe you can as well. If you live in an urban area where people take public transportation or walk rather than drive, you’ll notice most folks commuting with a minimum of two bags.  I admit that I can’t leave the house for the day without my purse, plus a shoulder bag stuffed with necessities like an extra sweater or scarf, hand sanitizer, snacks, cell phone charger, etc. When you throw an iPad or laptop into that bag, it gets heavy. Add a trip to Trader Joe’s on the way home from the office and imagine the logistics of juggling all those bags. Welcome to my world!

The reality of carrying multiple bags everywhere is just how you get your stuff from one place to another without a car, but ultimately, lugging around considerable extra weight knocks your body out of alignment, resulting in sore shoulders and an aching back. Last year, I had to give up carrying a crossbody bag (fortunately, fanny packs are back in style) to help alleviate chronic shoulder pain, but my chiropractor still advises me that carrying a lot of extra weight on my shoulder isn’t doing me any favors. So, what’s the solution? It’s a simple yet ergonomic accessory called It’s No Yoke which I saw recently at NY Now.

its no yoke graphic photo by gail worley

Created by Kathleen Ullmann, a licensed massage therapist and body worker, It’s No Yoke is a simple, lightweight solution that holds your bags securely so you can move freely and remain balanced and pain-free throughout the day. Kathleen’s  innovative, patented solution will help you comfortably balance your bags on each shoulder and enable you to be hands-free as you navigate the urban landscape.

its no yoke and yeah strap
It’s No Yoke Pictured with Hey Bag Handle Extender

The combination of living and working in New York City as a massage therapist was Kathleen’s inspiration for her much-needed invention, which is thin, lightweight and easily portable when not in use (you can even put it in your pocket). The quilted cloth base is gentle on skin and apparel, and is barely noticeable by others while being worn. The flexible pole, which runs through the channel atop the base, is strong enough to secure your bags while eliminating strap slippage and the need for constantly readjusting your bags. It is simply genius.

its no yoke graphic photo by gail worley

Another thing I like about It’s No Yoke is the added security it gives you against potential bag snatchers!

how to wear its no yoke

The above graphic shows how to properly wear It’s No Yoke  so that it sits comfortably across your upper back and shoulders (not on your neck). It can also be worn over a coat, which is important during the colder months.

kathleen ullmann models its no yoke photo by gail worley

Here’s Kathleen modeling the It’s No Yoke for me at NY Now! She’s adorable!

kathleen ullmann photo by gail worley

She’s also solved the issue of how to carry a bag with a shorter strap with the invention of the Hey bag handle extender, which you can see in the above photo.

hey strap graphic photo by gail worley

This graphic shows simple instructions on how to use Hey to attach  bags to the It’s No Yoke. So easy!

hey strap photo by gail worley

Hey and It’s No Yoke come in both black and beige so you can stay color coordinated! I’d like to add a personal note about why it’s so great to have an alternative to carrying heavy bags by hand. A few years ago, I had surgery on my left hand to treat Tenosynovitis.  While the surgery was successful, carrying excessive weight by hand for an extended period time can be painful on my fingers, and It’s No Yoke solves that problem completely.

For anyone suffering with chronic pain, It’s No Yoke is a game-changer, but seriously, what urban adventurer doesn’t need an It’s No Yoke to make their daily life easier and more comfortable? Get more information and shop online for yours now at This Link.

kathleen ullmann
Kathleen Ullmann: Inventor of It’s No Yoke

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