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Eye On Design: It’s No Yoke Hands-Free Bag Carrier

how to wear its no yoke
Leave Your Hands Free for the Important Things (Image Source)

Who’s heard the saying, “My favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting”?  I can relate, and maybe you can as well. If you live in an urban area where people take public transportation or walk rather than drive, you’ll notice most folks commuting with a minimum of two bags.  I admit that I can’t leave the house for the day without my purse, plus a shoulder bag stuffed with necessities like an extra sweater or scarf, hand sanitizer, snacks, cell phone charger, etc. When you throw an iPad or laptop into that bag, it gets heavy. Add a trip to Trader Joe’s on the way home from the office and imagine the logistics of juggling all those bags. Welcome to my world! Continue reading Eye On Design: It’s No Yoke Hands-Free Bag Carrier

Gas Mask Showerhead

Gas Mask Shower Head

Holy Mother of God, that’s one scary showerhead, isn’t it? Sort of Giger-esque if you ask me, but nevertheless clever and extremely functional. I guess one of the scariest things would be having to rip out the shower wall to install it. Originally exhibited at the Art Directors Club’s 2002 art exhibit, Bed, Bath and Bomb Shelter, which featured gas mask-themed utilitarian product designs, the showerhead was designed by Chris Dimino.

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