Celebrate 4/20 With Edie Parker’s Ice Bowl Pipes!

edie parker flower ice cube pipe display photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

If you’re in search of aesthetically pleasing drug paraphernalia, nobody makes weed accessories that look as good on a coffee table as Flower by Edie Parker. The brand’s beloved pipes and smoking accessories truly strike a balance between stoner kitsch and  functional art. Now, they’ve released a delicate and delightful pipe that’s the essence of chill: the Ice Bowl, which we saw at NY Now.

edie parker flower ice bowl pipes

Available in Blue, Pink, and Clear, these eye-catching pipes are constructed to look like two (or three, depending on the size) adjoining Ice Cubes, as if you plucked them straight out of a tray. The glass is made of borosilicate, a specific type of glass that can handle extreme changes in temperature — meaning it won’t suddenly crack or break when you hold your lighter next to it. Best of all, it looks super cool!

Visit Eddie Parker at This Link — where all Ice Pipes are on Sale for 10% off — now!

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