Eye On Design: Roma Chair By Marco Zanini

roma chair by marco zanini photo by gail worley
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The Marco Zanini-designed Roma Chair is an iconic piece of furniture created by Memphis Milano, an influential design collective founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1981. The chair was produced between 1986 and 1988 and is known for its distinctive style and use of materials.

The Roma chair features a unique design characterized by its exaggerated curves and bold lines. The chair’s structure is made of fiberglass, specifically green sparkle fiberglass, which gives it a shimmering and eye-catching appearance. The use of this material reflects the innovative and experimental approach of the Memphis design movement.

Memphis Milano was known for its rejection of traditional design principles and its embrace of bold colors, patterns, and unconventional shapes. The Roma chair exemplifies these characteristics, as it combines a playful and whimsical aesthetic with a functional seating solution.

The Dennis Freedman collection, which includes the Zanini’s Roma chair, is currently on view at R and Company in lower Manhattan. Freedman is a prominent figure in the fashion and design industry, known for his work as the former creative director of Barneys New York. His Italian Radical furniture collection showcases a range of contemporary and vintage design pieces, highlighting important works from various periods.

roma chair by marco zanini photo by gail worley

Having the Roma chair as part of the Dennis Freedman collection provides an opportunity for visitors and design enthusiasts to experience a significant piece from the Memphis Milano era. The chair’s presence in a prominent gallery space allows it to be appreciated in the context of other notable design objects, fostering a deeper understanding of its historical and artistic significance.

The  Roma chair stands as a testament to the innovative and daring spirit of the Memphis design movement. Its use of green sparkle fiberglass and unique form make it a distinctive and memorable piece that continues to captivate and inspire those with an appreciation for avant-garde design.

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