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Modern Art Monday Presents: Henri Matisse, Nude in a Wood

nude in a wood photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

In Nude in a Wood (1906), which was made near the town of Collioure in the French Mediterranean, Henri Matisse uses broad patches of vivid pigment to integrate a figure of his wife in a lush landscape. Although his techniques were new, his subject matter – the female nude in, and acquainted with, nature – refers directly to the pastoral landscape tradition and it’s imagined worlds of timeless pleasure in harmony. This painting was included in the 1913 Armory Show, a groundbreaking exhibition that introduced US audiences to European modernism.

Photographed in The Brooklyn Museum.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Amedeo Modigliani, Portrait of a Medium

portrait of a medium by amedeo modigliani photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Amedeo Modigliani’s mother wrote that at about the age of fifteen the artist attended is first seance. His youthful spiritual and esoteric inclinations took him in the direction of the occult, reflected in this drawing, Portrait of a Medium (1906), made from memory, of a session he attended in Venice, where he studied for two years before coming to Paris.

Photographed in the Jewish Museum in NYC.