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Find Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles With Ease

sober living home in la
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If you’re suffering from the ill-effects of addiction in Los Angeles, then you might have already spent time in the detox and rehab facilities. It’s true that spending time in these facilities is an essential step on your way to living a free, independent and happy life. However, there’s one more important step on the stairway to a happy life. You need to transition from the strict regimental life in the above mentioned places to living in the outside world. Someone like with addiction issues needs to understand the advantages of sober living homes Los Angeles. These facilities can ensure a complete cure of addiction. Basically, these facilities help you to live without the influence of the habit-forming substance.

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The Importance of Family Support During Recovery

importance of family support during recovery
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Whether someone is recovering from an injury, depression / other mental health problems, or substance abuse, family support plays a significant role in the process. Recovery with the benefit of a proper support network is completely different from having to work through something on your own. Sometimes, people left alone to recover don’t adequately complete the process. In the case of recovering from a physical injury, issues can reoccur, and if physical therapy is not correctly adhered to, a person can continue to suffer the consequences all their life.

Likewise, left alone, a person might be unable or unwilling to do what is necessary,  but with the presence of family, things are much more manageable, and even what seems like a colossal task at first can be overcome. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of family support during any kind of recovery process.
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Drug Abuse and Addiction: Indications, Effects and Treatment

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Among various addictions, drug addiction can be the most difficult to combat. Those addicted to drugs not only develop physiological changes throughout the body, but also suffer degradation of the psyche and impairment of brain activity. From the outside, it might seem that those affected have undergone a noticeable change in personality, or have entered a ‘zombie-like’ state.

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Training to Be a Counselor? Check Out Four Areas of Specialism That Might Interest You!

Counselor with Patients
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If you are in the process of qualifying to be a counselor or therapist, it could be that you have had a specialism in mind since you started, and have always wanted to help people with a specific problem you can relate to for personal reasons, or to help a certain group such as children. However, for some people approaching their masters in counseling programs, all they know is that they feel that counseling is the right role for them, and they are not yet sure where they want to apply their skills specifically.

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Excellent Book I Am Reading Right Now: My Booky Wook By Russell Brand

My Booky Wook

Do you know who Russell Brand is? He’s pretty (in)famous in England, but over here I guess he’s best known for his role as the womanizing rock star, Aldous Snow in Judd Apatow’s wildly hilarious comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or for causing a massive and wonderful ruckus as the “controversial” one-time host of MTV’s otherwise lame Video Music Awards a few years back. He also does a righteous stand-up comedy routine, which I have seen on HBO. Also, he’s dangerously good-looking – definitely my type, physically. I love him so much. Currently I am reading Brand’s 2008 autobiography, My Booky Wook, which details in wickedly clever prose the trajectory of the author’s life and career through sex addiction, drug addiction and what would appear to be flat out mental instability akin to whatever social dysfunction Tom Green suffers from. My Booky Wook is crammed with roll-around-on-the-floor hilarious tales of destruction and mayhem, more sex than in Eric Clapton’s bio (because he boinked everything that moved) and Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk’s porn-industry novel, combined, and certainly way more heroin use than in any book I’ve read previously – and I have read Trainspotting. It’s definitely a page-turner of the highest order and a book I couldn’t help but recommend to you, my dear readers.